What if I am unhappy with my lesson?

Wise Owl Equitation is an agency which facilitates the connection of clients to trainers and experts and booking of lessons and sessions with them. Wise Owl Equitation does not supply or provide any training itself. All training and content of lessons and sessions are the responsibility of the trainers themselves, and any dissatisfaction with lessons should be directed to the trainer.

How do I complete the live online training session?

  1. You need to book a session with the trainer of your choice through this website. Each trainers availability and prices are set out on their profile pages. Payment is to be made at the time of booking and will be transferred to the trainer once the session is complete.
  2. When the scheduled time arrives you can video call the trainer through this website.
  3. Set up your smartphone camera so that it is positioned for a good view of the area in which you will be working so that the trainer has the best view possible of you/your horse. You can if you wish use an auto tracking smartphone pod such as this www.getpivo.com which will follow you and your horse around as you ride. We recommend clients practice this prior to the first session. Trainers will have other sessions booked with other clients and cannot delay your session in order to establish a good viewing angle for the camera.
  4. Alternatively you can have a helper positioned in the centre of the area in which you are working to video you.
  5. Your trainer will view the session via this videocall and you will hear and speak to your trainer via the long-range Bluetooth device or long range wireless earphones.

How do I work out what the time of my live online session will be in my country?

All sessions are listed in the bookings system at London date and time.

To calculate the time in your country use this simple calculator: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

Just enter London as the first location and your location as the second location. Then you can specify the time and date in London and it will tell you the equivalent time and date in your location

What happens if I start my first lesson and I don’t like this system of live online lessons?

We provide a guarantee to all new Clients that for the first Session booked through the Company a new Client may stop the Session within the first ten minutes only of that Session and cancel the Session if they are not comfortable to complete training in this manner and/or do not feel that this manner of training is adequate for them. This applies only to a new Client of the Company and only on their first Session booked via the Company. It does not apply to non-ridden Sessions. In this event Client will be refunded the Session training fee less a £10 cancellation charge, but will receive no refund of the booking fee.

What are the online video uploading options through this website?

You can either upload a video of your riding which a top trainer will analyse and comment on, or you can book a live virtual lesson with a trainer of your choice.

You can either use this just for a one-off opportunity for feedback from a top international trainer, or you can use it as a regular structured program where the trainer gives you advice and exercises to work on before the next session you submit, and works out a plan of progress for you in the same way that would happen with live lessons.

These video clips must be a maximum of 20 minutes long, with good lighting and visibility and uploaded through the chat feature of this site. Please click here to access.

Videos are usually of training, but for example you could also submit a dressage test, or show jumping round for scoring.

The trainer will watch your video and give their feedback on both your and your horses performance as well as tips and exercises to try in the future.

To make the most of the opportunity we recommend that you show as complete a picture of your horse in the video as possible. For example, you could include:

  • Warm up and the horse moving in a natural way
  • 3 gaits on both reins
  • Upward and downward transitions
  • Particular areas you want help with/to work on
  • Brief commentary explaining about your horse such as its age, competition history, individual characteristics, and about yourself and what you would like to achieve from the training.

How can live online training be as good as ‘real’ face-to-face training?

The short answer is that it isn’t. But it is a fantastic opportunity for those people who cannot otherwise have face-to-face training with the trainer of their choice.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, virtual training and virtual competitions were tried, tested and grew in popularity. Many top class trainers began to see the opportunities in working remotely, meaning that they can continue to teach even when they are travelling for tours and competitions.

Online training opens up the entire globe to enable people to access the highest quality training in existence.
As an internet-based activity you may sometimes encounter glitches in connectivity as most people have already experienced with any internet-based product or service.

However, this is a small price to pay for access to top class international trainers. In addition, there are of course also constant upgrades and improvements being made to internet access and providers all the time.
In addition, or as an alternative, you can upload video clips for trainers to comment on.