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Introducing The Saddle Club…The Secret to Smashing Your Riding & Competition Goals

Enhance your riding performance, improve your fitness, strength and agility, supercharge your confidence & get more enjoyment from your time with your horse!

Wise Owl Equitation connects equestrians worldwide with top-class international experts and trainers across all disciplines. Get unlimited access to the practical tools and resources you need to improve your riding performance, fitness, confidence and mindset.

The Saddle Club gives you instant access to all the resources, tools, training and community support you need to become the best rider you can be. 

Most resources like this cost HUNDREDS of pounds per month

But you can get professional level support for only £11.99/month. 

(or your country’s currency equivalent)

Join from anywhere in the world and get 24/7 access.

Instant Access, No Contract, Cancel Anytime. 

Having a passion for horses isn't easy...

it’s expensive, physically and mentally challenging, and takes up almost all of the free time you have. Yet despite putting so much of effort in, you still don’t feel like you’re progressing enough …

You LOVE riding and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. You just wish you could get out of your own head and move forward, faster.
I’m here to tell you that you CAN achieve everything you want to. It’s completely possible to smash your riding goals, no matter how daunting they may seem. Progressing in confidence, skill, and ability isn’t just a case of more time in the saddle. You also need practical tools and resources, advice from world-class experts, and regular feedback and support from people who all have your back.

That’s the key to success – working smarter, not harder.

Professional riders have access to a huge team dedicated to their success – coaches, personal trainers, sports phycologists etc. We know most riders won’t have the resources, time or budget needed for that kind of professional support.

That’s precisely why The Saddle Club exists...

The Saddle Club offers you unlimited access to the expertise and guidance of riding coaches, pilates, yoga and rider bio-mechanic instructors, mindset and confidence coaches, pro-riders to learn from, and a support network of like-minded people all dedicated to improving their riding & their enjoyment of the sport.

And you get all of that for the price of a cup of coffee and a slice of cake each month.

Instant Access, No Contract, Cancel Anytime. 

Who is The Saddle Club for?

The Saddle Club is for any rider that wants to improve their riding performance, confidence and ability, whether that’s simply getting back into riding after a break, spending more time on and getting more enjoyment from your horse, or entering more competitions and moving up the levels.

You might be interested in The Saddle Club if…
  • You want professional lessons but can’t find a trainer in your area to work with
  • You need to improve your riding fitness but don’t have the time or money for expensive gym memberships, and you want the workouts you do to be bespoke for improving, core strength & riding performance
  • You are nervous or anxious about riding, perhaps after a fall or not riding for a while and want to improve your confidence.
  • You want to get out more with your horse but lack the self belief in your ability
  • Competition nerves prevent you from performing at your best
  • You’re worried about being a good enough rider and letting your horse down
  • You want to do more with your horse but you’re not sure where to start
  • You would like to improve your performance but haven’t got the time, budget or you’re not able to travel to get access to expensive coaches.
  • You are an ambitious rider who wants to compete at higher levels or learn a new discipline like dressage, showjumping or even side saddle
  • You feel stuck in a bit of a rut with your riding
  • You’re busy and time-strapped and looking for ways to improve without a huge time commitment

If you’re nodding along to any one of these thinking “yep, that’s so me!” then The Saddle Club is perfect for you. 


If you join us, you will:

  • Gain access to expert equine online training and 121 video riding lessons with top-class international trainers that are completely bespoke to you and your horse
  • Gain unlimited access to a wide range of rider specific workouts designed to help you improve your riding performance
  • Gain the confidence and skill to move out of your comfort zone, progress and try new things 
  • Overcome self-doubt, imposter syndrome, anxiety and competition nerves
  • Enjoy your horse and your riding more
  • Improve your horse-riding knowledge so you can hold your own during conversations with other equestrians
  • Feel better and braver about getting back on after a fall or losing your riding confidence
  • Fast-track your success and win more competitions – Join us and you could be competing at Badminton grassroots next year
  • Develop a stronger connection between you and your horse
  • Keep you and your horse in top physical condition
  • Make incredible friends who simply “get it”

£11.99/Month. Instant Access, No Contract, Cancel Anytime. 

This is the club I needed and couldn't find...
so I created it

Hi, I’m Elaine Kelly

The founder of Wise Owl Equitation

Growing up as a pony obsessed girl in a non-horsey family I’ve always had to swim against the current when it came to pursuing my passion for horses and riding. As a girl, real training opportunities for me were often few and very far between due to transport and geographical issues. Then, after becoming a mother to my little girl, time became the new constraint. Suddenly I just wasn’t able to justify a 3 hour round trip for a 45 minute lesson.

This is where the idea of Wise Owl Equitation and The Saddle Club came about, a small internet based business that passionately believes that everyone should have access to top quality training regardless of their location, budget or time constraints.

I firmly believe that all riders should have access to quality training, resources, tools and support in spite of the confines of location, trainer availability, budget and time.

My vision is to improve the lives of equestrians and horses all over the world

I’m very active in The Saddle Club myself. I look forward to seeing you in the community and getting to know you better!

How to get started


Sign up below


Enter your card details


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Start exploring! 

£11.99/Month. Instant Access, No Contract, Cancel Anytime.

The idea sounds great...what exactly do you get when you join the saddle club?

The Saddle Club offers you the tools, resources, expertise and support you need to help you set and smash your riding goals. If low confidence or feeling stuck has held you back from reaching your riding or competition goals our mindset tools and coaching will equip you with the mental toolkit you need to overcome confidence and anxiety issues. 

If no matter how hard you try, you are just not seeing the results you want our amazing trainers and fitness instructors will work with you and teach you practical exercises to help you get to where you want to be.

Our encouraging and supportive community is filled with members just like you. Passionate riders that felt held back by feelings of  uncertainty about how to progress with their training.

Sign up today for only £11.99/month and get

Bespoke Virtual Training

World class practical training (video riding lessons) completely bespoke to you and your horse delivered by a top-class riding instructor of your choice without leaving your yard

Monthly Masterclasses

Monthly live online masterclasses (Including LIVE Q&A) from our handpicked guest experts on a huge range of topics (see below)

Rider Specific Fitness Classes

Unlimited access to off-saddle workout videos especially designed to focus on developing rider fitness including strength training, yoga, pilates, rider biomechanic workouts. Work out from the comfort of your own home

Rider Mindset & Confidence Coaching

Regular confidence and mindset coaching masterclasses as well as self-hypnosis recordings combat confidence issues such as fear of falling, lack of self belief and competition nerves

Wise Owl Merchandise

Exclusive access to WOE printed merchandise including saddle club journals, saddle pads, gillets, bobble hats and riding jackets.

Demo videos

Demo videos and how-to guides on a huge range of topics from experts like equine physios, dentists, saddlers and more

Exclusive Equestrian Discounts & Savings

Members get FREE access to Live It Exclusives an incredible equestrian discount service!

NO admin fees

NO admin fees on virtual lessons - Non-members pay a £10 admin fee per lesson (this represents a saving of £40 per month for anyone taking weekly training). The more lessons you book, the more you save as a Saddle club member.


24/7 access to a safe and supportive global equestrian community of like-minded riders where you can share your goals, challenges and issues. Accountability and encouragement are at the core.

Here’s what our members have to say...straight from the horserider’s mouth

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what some of our members say about joining The Saddle Club

"Joining the Wise Owl Equitation Saddle Club has been so beneficial to me as a rider. The video sessions hitting on different topics riders face have helped me regain my confidence and joy back in the saddle". Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
"It's definitely this group's non judgement that is helping. It feels like a nice safe place. I've just realized I'm surrounded by people who judge me a lot! The last three nights have been a real eye opener for me."
"I loved the meeting today i already feel so much better and so much more confident! It definitely helped as currently i am out of action with a knee injury from a fall but only around 2-3 weeks now till i can get on again and i feel so ready for it!! Also i wanna say a massive thank you to everyone in this group and the amazing creators because i feel so secure and so so glad that i am surrounded with people that may have similar issues as we all know what the equine community can be like at some point"
"I learnt so much through just the one video submission in an easy to understand and manageable way, I cannot wait to put all the tips in to practice. 100% recommend the platform and service, it’s wonderful all round. Cannot wait for my next one..."

Commit as little or as much time as you have…it’s in your control

Does this all sound like a bit too much time? The great news is you can pick and choose which parts of The Saddle Club you get involved in. The Masterclasses only take up an hour per month, and the rest is up to you. And there’s no contract – so if you try it and find it’s not for you, no worries.
£11.99/Month. Instant Access, No Contract, Cancel Anytime.

Some of our recent Masterclasses:

Which, as a member, you can access recordings of all our past masterclasses

We are Proud to partner with the world’s best horse riding trainers & experts.

Tara Punter

Equestrian business and mindset coach delivers a masterclass on overcoming self-doubt and taking charge of your mindset to ensure you achieve your riding goals.

Jonty Evans


Legendary Irish Olympic Event Rider suffered a fall in 2018 resulting in a serious brain injury, six week coma & learning to walk again. Lucky to be alive and told he wouldn’t walk again…

He spoke to us about how he used his incredible mindset and inner resilience to get back into the saddle and out competing once more.  

Cassandra Capsey

Tidy Tackrooms

The importance of organisation on mental wellbeing. How taking the time to tidy our tackrooms, lorries and equipment can improve both riders mental health and performance.

Zara Pawley

Top International FEI Judge and Trainer Zara Pawley delivers an incredible dressage masterclass. She explains exactly what a judge is looking for when they mark a test, and the meanings of common judges comments. She also judges a pre-recorded Prelim test on the masterclass so we see exactly where points are lost and gained.

Nicky Taylor

Equestrian PT & Fitness Coach shares her knowledge on how off the saddle fitness can enhance you riding performance.

She has also recorded a 45 minute strength training  workout specifically designed for riders, which members can access and follow as often as they want from the comfort of their own homes.

Louise Robson

Thoroughbred Dressage

Louise is dedicated to the retraining of ex-racehorses from the racetrack to the dressage arena . Her knowledge and passion for thoroughbreds and sympathetic approach is truly inspirational. It’s clear to see why her majesty the Queen chooses Louise to retrain her precious racehorses. Members can also receive bespoke 121 training from Louise on their own horses

Tracey Cole

Tracey is a rider mindset coach who explains exactly how the mind works and how we as riders can spiral very quickly into a lack of confidence, but more importantly how we can prevent this and turn things around when it does happen. 

Tracey also guides us through a very powerful visualisation in this masterclass. She has also provided the Saddle Club with three bespoke self-hypnosis recordings to tackle the most common confidence issues rider face.

Philippa Christie

Philippa from the Bitless Boutique gives am incredible insight into horse anatomy and bridle and noseband fit. 

She covers how training bitless helped a 2* dressage rider improve her performance by 30%, the different types of bitless bridles available and how to safely manage the transitioning process.

A truly insightful session even for riders who would never consider going bitless.

Karen Kelly

Karen, a Saddle Club member herself demonstrates what riders can do to properly prepare themselves to ride so that their body is ready to perform with the horses movement.

She covers:

How to prepare our body to ride


Balance and proprioception tune up

Save HUNDREDS per year with The Saddle Club resources

As a Saddle Club member, you’ll pay absolutely no admin fees on any virtual training. Everyone else pays a £10 admin fee on top of any Wise Owl Equitation virtual training.

Not to mention the savings you’ll make by taking advantage of the off-saddle workout routines, self-hypnosis recordings, professional masterclasses and much much more. That’s Thousands in value for just £11.99 per month.

How does virtual training work?

The Wise Owl Equitation Virtual Training platform connects riders all over the world with top-class trainers and equine specialists.

These 1-1 video lessons are totally bespoke, live training sessions with an expert trainer. 

You’ll be on the horse with headphones in on a live video call with one of our world-class instructors.

Ideally having a friend to hold the phone while you ride will offer the best experience but this is not a necessity. Many riders use inexpensive tripods or smart tracking devices when riding alone. This will allow your trainer to see what you’re doing and give you real-time feedback and instruction.

You also don’t need special facilities, our customers take part in lessons in fields, on the beach or if they are lucky enough in their own schools or arenas.

Virtual training is not just about removing the limits of geography. Virtual training actually has several advantages over in-person training:

  • You’ll be able to hear much better with your trainer speaking directly into your ears through headphones – no more trying to hear them shout over a windy field
  • You won’t need to come back and regroup with your trainer which means more time on your horse, less time wasted and more efficient lessons
  • You can book separate lessons with specific trainers across all disciplines!

Not only do you get full access to the entire database of expert trainers – as a saddle club member you pay NO admin fees on top of lessons.

Our training and content is totally bespoke – you don’t have to spend hours pouring over endless content that isn’t relevant to your situation – we’ve structured everything so you can easily pick and choose the bits you need most, and you can choose exactly what kind of training you want, with the trainer you want.

Play Video

Live 121 video lesson  |   Expert feedback and advice on pre-recorded videos

Still have questions? No problem! Here’s everything else you might want to know...

Absolutely! The Saddle Club is for riders anywhere in the world who want to increase their knowledge, improve their performance and relationship with their horse and ultimately get more enjoyment from the sport.

Please note though: all of our content is in English, so you’ll need to be able to speak English to at least a moderate level.

We’ve created The Saddle Club to be totally flexible for you. The monthly masterclasses take up one hour per month, and everything else is completely up to you – you can pick and choose exactly what you engage with. And, because everything is recorded and posted afterwards, if you can’t make a live session, you can catch up at a time to suit you.

When you register with us, you’ll enter your card details via PayPal for monthly card subscription. This can be cancelled at any time via your Paypal account if you decide not to continue. 

No, when you sign up you’ll enter your details to begin a monthly direct debit which can be cancelled any time with no cancellation fees.

Of course you can! Whilst you may want access to a horse eventually, the Saddle Club offers a lot to prepare you to get back on the saddle, including confidence and mindset resources as well as physical fitness routines and classes. And, just being part of the community may inspire you to get back out there and ride more regularly again.

We’re committed to delivering new value every month, with new masterclasses, resources and tools being added all of the time. However, you can join for as long as you’d like to, and cancel any time.

Absolutely, many of our community members have had similar experiences, so you’ll have a group of supportive and encouraging people to talk things through with. We also have masterclasses on this topic from expert riders including Irish Olympic event rider Jonty Evans sharing his journey of recovering from his serious fall and getting back out competing.

Our confidence and mindset self-hypnosis recordings also cover falls and consequences/hurt + memories of falls.

There’s no minimum age to join The Saddle Club, but you will need your parent or guardian’s permission to participate in live lessons. The group is also hosted on Facebook, so you’ll need to meet Facebook’s minimum age requirements too.

You never have to feel alone...Join our amazing global community

The Saddle Club is a safe and supportive environment for you to share your fears, desires and questions with other riders just like you

You will be encouraged and cheered on in a friendly environment to be ambitious and smash your goals! You will be able to make friends, discuss your problems with like minded riders and learn! Accountability and sharing your goals and challenges are at the heart of our community.

Ready to join the club? Get instant access right now

Just £11.99 per month (or equivalent in your countries currency), no contract, instant access

Christmas Monthly Bundle Offer

Stuck for that perfect  gift for that equestrian in your life? Why not treat them or even yourself,  to a three, six or twelve month subscription? This is a one-off payment which opens up the full benefits of the Saddle Club for the time period selected.