Refer a Friend

Our mission at Wise Owl Equitation is to ensure that ALL riders have access to world class equestrian training opportunities & support regardless of their location, time, transport or budget constraints.

To support this mission we want to grow the Wise Owl Equitation Saddle Club, so that more riders have access to the tools and training provided, can improve their riding confidence and performance, set and smash their riding goals and ultimately enjoy their horses and their riding more.

BUT it’s so so important to us that we keep the magical supportive community feel we have created so, we want to grow the club with like minded members. Who better than our friends?

Sharing the Saddle Club with a trusted friend will offer you even more support and accountability in reaching your riding goals. They can give you a gentle nudge when you veer off track and be your biggest cheerleader ringside when you do get out and about competing.

Also you can book back to back video lessons and take it in turn filming each other! Or, even get together for the monthly masterclasses and share a nice glass of wine, or gin, or whatever you fancy!

To support this idea we have created an incredible Refer a Friend Offer. All you need to do is tell your friends about the Saddle Club. When they sign up, we will ask them where they heard about us, if they give your name you get your gift. Simple as that! And the more of your friends that join the better the gifts. Please see the breakdown below:

🦉1 friend signs up – You receive a Wise Owl Equitation Bobble Hat OR one of our brand new Saddle Club Goals Planners (coming really soon, more details to follow)

🦉3 friends sign up – You receive a Wise Owl Equitation branded Gillet

🦉5 friends sign up – You receive a Wise Owl Equitation branded Saddle Pad

🦉7 friends sign up – You receive a Wise Owl Equitation branded zip neck jumper (brand new to the range – pics to follow)

🦉10 friends sign up – You receive a Wise Owl Equitation branded Jacket

So recommend the Saddle Club to just 10 of your riding buddies who you feel may benefit from it and, if they all sign up you will receive the FULL Wise Owl Equitation merchandise kit!

What are you waiting for??

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Plan your training and competition schedule for the year with Robyn Catterall

Rider Confidence with Sian Phipps

Enhance your riding through off the saddle fitness with Nicky Taylor

Get on top of your game through the use of bespoke live video training with Naomi Wiss

Monthly Masterclasses

Overcoming self doubt and mindset issues with Tara Punter

From Crash to Comeback with the legendary Jonty Evans

Dressage Masterclass with Zara Pawley

Confidence Corner

Self-Hypnosis Recording 1

Self-Hypnosis Recording 2

Rider Fitness Studio

45 Minute Strength Training workout with Nicky Back

Bonus Content

Horse Physio and Stretches with Jess from Herts Horses Hydrotherapy and Physiotherapy Centre