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Karin Gracey


Hi, I’m Karin Gracey I’m a horse trainer and rider who specialises in re training Off The Track Thoroughbreds using Compassionate Training and Holistic Rehabilitation, using Equitation Science Principles. I help Off The Track Thoroughbreds transition from a life in racing to the many careers available in the equestrian world. Following my clear step by step system through Online Lessons, I can help you successfully retrain your Off The Track Thoroughbred. If you’ve ever experienced frustration and confusion not knowing how to solve problems with your off the track thoroughbred, you’re in the right place. I’ve worked with Thoroughbred Racehorses for 22 years both caring for them in racing, including riding daily trackwork, and retraining them after racing. I have a deep love for thoroughbred racehorses and an in-depth knowledge of them. I am passionate about the welfare of the Thoroughbred Racehorse and dedicated to their compassionate re training for a life after racing. Through my online live lessons and video assessments you will learn the knowledge and skills to successfully and compassionately retrain an Off The Track Thoroughbred for a career after racing. A little bit about me and how I got where I am today. I have worked professionally with horses for the last 22 years. I studied the Horse Management Course at College and my first job was working for Randwick Equine Veterinary Clinic in Sydney Australia which is one of the most advanced equine hospitals specialising in thoroughbred racehorses. Along with the daily care and management of the horses I also was studying my veterinary nursing certificate and commenced equine nursing. Along with this I was working weekends in a riding school teaching lessons. As I have a great passion for riding I took up a full-time position in the Sydney based riding school where I managed the care of 12 plus horses, taught lessons and commenced my level 1 General Coaching Qualifications. During this time I acquired my own Off The Track Thoroughbred ‘Modo’ and my Thoroughbred x ‘Toby’. After 4 years full -time coaching, I relocated with my 2 beautiful horses for a year to become a student down at the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre ( AEBC ) with Andrew Mclean. Here I was introduced to Equitation Science. I spent the year working at AEBC training and competing in Dressage, Showjumping and Eventing with my 2 horses. The year training under Andrew Mclean , Manuela Mclean and Warwick Mclean was priceless and set the foundation for my approach now to training horses using ethical and science based methods to ensure the horses wellbeing and welfare is foremost. Upon returning to Sydney from the year at AEBC I commenced work with leading racehorse trainer Gai Waterhouse. This was the beginning of my 17 years working fulltime within the racing industry as a trackwork rider, stablehand and strapper. I have ridden trackwork daily for 17 years along with managing my own racehorse spelling business for 5 years, re educating Off The Track Thoroughbreds for clients and competing in Dressage and Showjumping. I am passionate about learning and continue to study and research equine related topic such equine nutrition and behaviour and the latest scientific findings etc. I have a deep love for thoroughbred racehorses and 17 years working with them has given me an in depth and thorough understanding of them as a breed and also the life they lead being bred into the racing industry. I am 100% committed to the welfare of thoroughbred racehorses in and out of racing and dedicate my life to their ethical and compassionate retraining for a successful life after racing. I am also a real softy and have rescued and taken on many off the track thoroughbreds. My beautiful herd of horses consists of 17 Off The Track Thoroughbreds , a riding pony and Toothless the black paint horse rescue from the meats. I now ride trackwork part time, I am a fur mamma to 7 dogs and 19 horses. I care for and train my 19 horses loving the continual learning and watching development of each horse and how each has their own individual needs and issues to address, as many off the track thoroughbreds do. I am the founder of the Off The Track Thoroughbred Success Academy, an online learning academy to teach you how to re educate Off The Track Thoroughbred holistically and compassionately for a life after racing. I use a step by step unique system that allows for clear, compassionate and successful rehabilitation and re education. I am currently studying the Diploma of Equitation Science and use Equitation Science Principles in my training.

  • Country: AUSTRALIA

  • Discipline: Dressage, Showjumping, Eventing, Bitless, RiderConfidence

  • Min level to train: Novice

  • Timezone: Australia/Sydney

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Price per live lesson £80/60 min, £60/30 min

Price per video commentary £30

Cancellation policy 24 hours before live lesson

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