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Anke Hawke


Anke has an excellent eye for what is happening with the biomechanics of the horse and rider combination and how changing the tiniest thing can make a huge difference to the movement. We are welcoming new students keen to learn about classical dressage. My Regular students are now on the path to a softer, more harmonious partnership where the horse can feel safe in the knowledge they will be heard and honoured at whatever level they arrive at (and the same goes for the students). The beauty of classical dressage is it doesn’t matter if you have a horse straight off the track, a chunky pony or a big warmblood. It is about teaching the horse to move the best way that it can within its own limitations. We sometimes start with some in hand work- a great way to start rehab as it means both you and the horse have time to focus on all the minute details without being overwhelmed. Also, a great way to realise walking backwards is more challenging work than it looks. Ridden lessons were working on lightness in the seat and softness in the horse- looking for reaching up and out and getting that swing through the back and ribs. Occasionally we like to add a Garrocha to mix things up, a great way to improve your seat and balance. Would you like to come and learn what classical dressage is all about?

  • Country: AUSTRALIA

  • Discipline: Dressage, Natural Horsemanship

  • Min level to train: Novice

  • Timezone: Australia/Sydney

Availability hours

Monday 17:30 - 23:30
00:00 - 11:00

Tuesday 00:00 - 10:00
17:00 - 23:30

Wednesday 00:00 - 10:00
17:30 - 23:30

Thursday 00:00 - 10:00
16:00 - 23:30

Friday 00:00 - 09:30

Saturday Not Available

Sunday 18:30 - 23:30

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Price per live lesson £40/45 min

Price per video commentary £40

Cancellation policy 24 hours before live lesson

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