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Anna Preuss


My Dressage riding and training evolved from a deep connection and love for horses since I was a young girl. I believe something magical arises in the relationship of a rider and their horse. The hardest thing can be, for any rider to carry this magic and connection into the saddle and our training of this powerful creature… Whether I’m training my horses or coaching students, I aim to bring a sense of reverence and gratitude, for the horses willingness to unite with the rider in the beautiful dance of Dressage, into the arena. Originally from Germany, my Dressage training is rooted in the classic German training system and my focus is on a strong foundation in the basics of rider and horse, whilst creating a harmonious partnership. The horses health and well-being is my priority and my coaching approach is compassionate, yet outcome focussed. Having over 25 years experience as a rider, I have trained several young horses from Prelim to FEI level and successfully competed at Small Tour nationally and internationally. “The most important element that makes the separate entities of horse and rider into one unit, allows the rider to control the animal, and gives the horse self-carriage and movement that makes him whole, is the seat” Gustav von Dreyhausen As a yoga teacher, I recognise the importance of a well-balanced and effective riders seat and believe our seat is crucial to develop a smooth communication loop with our horse. The more steady and soft we are able to sit, the more harmoniously we can influence, listen to and work with our horse. “It is not a question to make a horse adapt to our techniques if they don’t work, but it is a very important question to know how to choose the ones that are suitable, and the ones that will work. The horse should always give the impression that he feels comfortable, and the rider look as if he is doing nothing.” Wilhelm Müseler I believe that every combination has the ability to realise their full potential and I love working towards this together with my students in a holistic way. My approach is specifically targeted to each rider and their horse and their unique strengths and weaknesses. Be it a FEI rider, a child on their first pony, or a mum returning into the saddle after a break. I have a background in High Performance Coaching in the corporate world and have worked with Australian Dressage Squad riders, Young Rider squads and Judges in private sessions and workshops, on topics including Stress Management, Goal setting and Developing Mental Resilience. Having ridden and competed all my life, I know the feeling of being ‘stuck’ in my riding. Through mere persistence, decades of learning (from some amazing teachers and coaches) on and off the horse, I have developed a process to moving through these blockages and developing as a rider and coach. “ “Had an amazing dressage lesson with Anna last week, was fantastic to work on things I didn’t even realise my horse and I could do. Fantastic trainer - highly recommend!!” — Megan

  • Country: AUSTRALIA

  • Discipline: Dressage

  • Min level to train: Novice

  • Timezone: Australia/Sydney

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Monday 00:00 - 07:30

Tuesday 03:00 - 06:00
23:00 - 23:30

Wednesday 00:00 - 05:00
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Thursday 00:00 - 07:00
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Friday 00:00 - 07:00

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Price per live lesson £50/60 min

Price per video commentary £30

Cancellation policy 24 hours before live lesson

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