Providing world class training opportunities to all riders regardless of their location, time or budget constraints.

Get started with 5 simple steps:
1. Register your account
2. Decide which trainer you would like to work with
3. Connect with them via chat (you can also upload a video of your riding for expert feedback and advice from here)
4. Book your live video lesson
5. Receive 121 bespoke training with a top class coach without leaving your yard

Wise Owl Equitation connects equestrians with specialist training and advice from equine experts all over the world without the need for travel, time wasting or excess expense.

You can submit videos online to a trainer or specialist of your choice from our website who is located anywhere in the world for their comments and advice. This can be either a one-off submission to receive stand-alone feedback, or as a regular program of lessons structured by the trainer.

You can also choose any trainer or specialist from our website and receive live online lessons from them as a one-off session, or on a regular basis.

For more information on how Wise Owl Equitation works please see our FAQ.


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