What are the online video uploading options through this website?

You can either upload a video of your riding which a top trainer will analyse and comment on, or you can book a live virtual lesson with a trainer of your choice. You can either use this just for a one-off opportunity for feedback from a top international trainer, or you can use it as a regular structured program where the trainer gives you advice and exercises to work on before the next session you submit, and works out a plan of progress for you in the same way that would happen with live lessons. These video clips must be a maximum of 20 minutes long, with good lighting and visibility and uploaded through the chat feature of this site.
Please click here to access. Videos are usually of training, but for example you could also submit a dressage test, or show jumping round for scoring. The trainer will watch your video and give their feedback on both your and your horses performance as well as tips and exercises to try in the future. To make the most of the opportunity we recommend that you show as complete a picture of your horse in the video as possible. For example, you could include:

  • Warm up and the horse moving in a natural way
  • 3 gaits on both reins
  • Upward and downward transitions
  • Particular areas you want help with/to work on
  • Brief commentary explaining about your horse such as its age, competition history, individual characteristics, and about yourself and what you would like to achieve from the training.