How can live online training be as good as ‘real’ face-to-face training?

This business was started with the pre-conceived idea that live video training wouldn’t be as good as traditional training however it would offer a fantastic opportunity for those people who cannot otherwise have face-to-face training with the trainer of their choice.

Feedback from our clients have actually proved this theory as incorrect. Clients consistently tell us that this type of training is just as effective as face to face and even has some additional benefits! Having the trainer “in their ear” allows for far more effective dialog throughout the lesson, the conversation flows and the rider can more easily chat through with the trainer the “feel” they get from different movements.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, virtual training and virtual competitions were tried, tested and grew in popularity. Many top class trainers began to see the opportunities in working remotely, meaning that they can continue to teach even when they are travelling for tours and competitions.

Online training opens up the entire globe to enable people to access the highest quality training in existence.
As an internet-based activity you may sometimes encounter glitches in connectivity as most people have already experienced with any internet-based product or service.

However, this is a small price to pay for access to top class international trainers. In addition, there are of course also constant upgrades and improvements being made to internet access and providers all the time.
In addition, or as an alternative, you can upload video clips for trainers to comment on.