Learning to ride Side Saddle

I first tried side-saddle at a have a go clinic where about three years ago. Immediately I was absolutely hooked. However, I was secretly about 11 weeks pregnant at the time. So, I knew I would have to put it on the back burner for a while.

I had my second lesson about a year later at another clinic. Again, I absolutely loved it, and decided there and then that I had to learn how to do this most elegant form of riding properly.

I decided to rent a saddle and go from there. Having had a most beautiful saddle fitted to my horse I went in search of a local trainer. To my disbelief there was no side-saddle trainers less than a three hour round trip drive from me. This would mean I would gone from home for a minimum of half a day in order to complete a 45 minute side-saddle riding lesson!

In the past this wouldn’t really have been a problem. However, with a young baby which was still being breast fed it just wasn’t feasible. Getting the trainer to come to me wasn’t an option either due to her time constraints and my budget constrainsts.

I thought to myself there has to be a way to make this work. I really was desperate to learn properly.

This is partly where the idea for Wise Owl Equitation came about. If only there was an affordable way to train with a top class side-saddle instructor at a time that suited me and without the need for travel. Well there wasn’t! So, I decided to create one.

Through the Wise Owl Equitation platform I was able to train via live video horse-training lessons. All I had to do was set up my phone to video me, put in my wireless earphones so I could hear my trainer and off I went. I can also record my own side-saddle schooling sessions and upload the videos to my trainer for expert tips and advice.

I’ve absolutely loved learning to ride side-saddle. I’m still a very long way from being an expert and can’t wait until I am capable of jumping large hedges aside while drag hunting. That is definitely a huge life goal.

You can check out some of our amazing side-saddle trainers here: