Growing up in a non-horsey family

Growing up as a pony mad girl in a thoroughly non horsey family certainly presented some challenges when it came to training.

From as early as I can remember I was completely obsessed with horses and ponies, one of my earliest memories is refusing to go home in the car with my Grandparents after mass insisting instead in getting a lift from their good friend in his pony and trap. He had a grey mare called Dolly and faithfully promised 4 year old me that if she ever had a foal it wold be mine.

Needless to say old Dolly never did go in foal but after years of continuously badgering my parents I was eventually allowed go for riding lessons. A couple of years of further continuous badgering resulted in a pony and my life really and truly was made!

I grew up on a dairy farm so the pony was given a small field which was rarely used and an old cowhouse which served as a stable. I was desperate to be the best pony owner I could possibly be and devoured every issue of Horse and Pony magazine I could get my hands on.

That was about as far as my stable education went. The internet wasn’t a thing in the 90’s and I didn’t really have the transport to take me and my pony to regular lessons, even if I had there were very few instructors in my area and certainly not in a discipline as fancy as dressage!

I often felt a little bit envious of those with “pushy pony club mothers” and beautiful 14.2 showjumping ponies but looking back now I appreciate the valuable lesson I learned by having to work hard for what I wanted, and really I was extremely fortunate to be able to ride at all. Over the years I progressed from ponies to horses and developed a lifelong passion for hunting.

I would as a teenager have really loved to get into showjumping, eventing, or even showing but I just really didn’t have the first idea where to start.

This is the gap that Wise Owl Equitation is designed to fill. Although today there are far more resources and information available to riders than Horse and Pony magazine, there still is a huge number of equestrians who, for a variety of reasons just don’t have access to the training support they would like. 

Wise Owl brings the instructor to you, even if that instructor lives thousands of miles away. The platform brings a wealth of expert knowledge right to your yard or field, the eyes on the ground and the voice in your ear. Now there really is no reason not to try a new discipline or develop your skills so as to progress up the levels. 

All you need is your horse, your phone and a set of wireless earphones. You can literally train anywhere and at anytime. When I think of what 15 year old me would have done with that opportunity?!

Why not start your virtual training journey now to see what you CAN do with the it?

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