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Wise Owl Equitation

Hi, I’m Elaine Kelly

The founder of Wise Owl Equitation

Growing up as a pony obsessed girl in a non-horsey family I’ve always had to swim against the current when it came to pursuing my passion for horses and riding. While I was extremely fortunate as a child to be sent for riding lessons at the local school, and to eventually be allowed to keep my pony on the family farm, real training opportunities for me were often few and very far between due to transport and geographical issues.

On moving to the UK as an adult I suddenly had far more access to trainers of different disciplines, however after becoming a mother to my little girl, time became the new constraint. Suddenly I just wasn’t able to justify a 3 hour round trip for a 45 minute lesson.


This is where the idea of Wise Owl Equitation came about, a small internet based business that passionately believes that everyone should have access to top quality training regardless of their location, budget or time constraints.

Even though there is a wealth of riding talent (and pony obsessed children) globally, only a select few are able to access the training required to truly excel. I firmly believe that all riders should have access to quality training, in spite of the confines of location, trainer availability, budget and time.

My vision is to improve the lives of equestrians and horses all over the world

The platform connects riders from anywhere in the world to trainers and equine experts in an affordable and timesaving manner. It allows riders to access the training and direction required to help them to reach their full potential.

We have top class trainers from all disciplines so whether riders are dealing with specific problems such as loading or clipping that a natural horsemanship trainer can help with, want to learn a new skill such as side-saddle or want to start a regular program of training in their chosen discipline we have the solution for them.



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Training is offered in two ways -

Live video lessons

The same as a normal 121 lesson just completed through a video call.
The rider will wear a wireless earphone so they can hear the trainer’s instructions, the trainer will watch the horse and rider through their laptop, tablet or phone.

Video feedback

A rider can upload a pre-recorded video for the trainer to comment on and offer advice. This may be a schooling session, a dressage test or a show jumping round. This works particularly well for riders who don’t have brilliant internet signal at their yards or for riders who have been practicing what was learned in a video lesson but just want additional feedback.

Unsure about

How video lesson might actually work?

Check out Gracie Tyte’s aka “Pony Nuts” Vlog on a recent jumping lesson she completed with one of our top trainers below.